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How do I revise ?

There are numerous ways in which you can revise but which one will work for you ?

Personally, I had to try so many techniques until I finally came to a decision. So last summer 2016 I did my GCSE and from there I realised which techniques would work for me and I’m still trying some new ones out 🙂 As well as that it depends what type of learner you are  here is a link to a website where you can do a quiz and find out what type of learner you are.

I’m going to list my subjects and state which revision techniques I use.


– I make mindmaps so I can condense all the notes into one A4 page and I find mindmaps so easy to learn from and they don’t look as scary as a large textbook that has so many words. I also add colours to my mindmaps, I use highlighters and fineliners. I remember when I used to always write in black and blue and my  friends would be shocked because I don’t use colours for any of my notes. Look who uses colours who her notes 24/7

-I also do a lot of past paper questions which helps me so much with how to answer specific questions. At school we have topic tests and it helps me a lot with how I am at, at different subjects.

-I also explain to myself without looking at my notes and this helps me so much you will not understand !! I just stand up and I will explain it to myself or an ‘imaginary person’.


-This is the same with Biology,I make mindmaps on every single topic to make my mindmaps I use the specification and my textbook.

-I do many past paper questions. I find Physics and Maths tutor extremely helpful as he has questions for many topics in chemistry and other subjects so I use those resources.

-I also explain to myself without looking at any of my notes and see how much I can remember as well as that with topics like calculations there is nothing much to memorise except from practising so questions from textbooks are very helpful.


-For economics I have a few flashcards for topics that require a lot of memorising and topics that I’m very weak at. I’ve made these flashcards a few weeks ago and it has helped so much that the topics that were quite hard to grasp have becoming very comprehensive.

-I also do questions from my textbook so that’s been helping me a lot, they also have answers at the back which I check my answers with.

-I also make mindmaps like Biology and Chemistry with a lot of colours. I also find writing things down again and again can be extremely helpful when it comes to memorising.


-For maths I do so many past paper questions this is what I did for my gcse and I managed to get a top grade. Past papers are a key to success they are like your best friends. I cannot stress how important past papers are,this is for all subjects not just Maths. I have a spreadsheet on excel where I record the scores that I’ve been getting for every single past paper this helps me to see if I’m doing well and which papers I need to do again.

-For topics that I find hard, I make notes with a lot of colours.


Generally for all of my subjects I use youtube for help because I seem to comprehend and retain more from youtube and it’s honestly a great resource. If you do the same subjects or similar subjects at any level then I hope this has helped you.










New Year’s resolutions

Welcome to my first blog post 🙂

Firstly, I’d just like to say Happy New Year and I hope that 2017 is filled with happiness and joy.I felt like this post should be about my New Years Resolutions and so here they are.

  1. Achieve good mock results/predicted grades.

You might have not known but I’m currently in Year 12 and I’m in sixth form. I take Biology,Chemistry,Maths and Economics.I’m very eager to achieve my goals in the future and my biggest goal is being able to do medicine or somewhere along those lines.In order to achieve my goal I need to do well academically so achieving good mock results is the first step.

2. Make my bed everyday.

This might sound weird to some of you guys but I honestly think when I make my bed it makes me all set and ready for the day if that even makes sense. I like things to be clean and tidy so why not my bed.

3.Eat more healthy foods.

Although I eat healthy food, I don’t always. I’m one of those people that would see chocolates,sweets and just junk food and I will just run to it and eat it all. I also want to be more healthy 🙂

4. I want to be able to read more.

I never have the time to read which is really bad but I really badly want to. I have so much school work and even when I don’t have school work I have some sort of test coming soon . Life is just hectic isn’t it but don’t worry I do read somedays for 30 mins or so when I have time and I want to do more of this.

I will usually forget about these but this year I’m not going to ( well let’s hope). Hopefully I can update you guys next year about how these went.






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